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I am a professional translator of English educated in this field and I have long-term experience in linguistic work:

  • high school: class with English, French and Latin;
  • English studies – a translation program with Arabic at the University of Silesia; these studies have been awarded a distinction by the Polish higher education authorities (PKA);
  • PhD in linguistics at the University of Silesia (thesis defended with distinction).

My full research & translation CV (conferences, courses, published works) is available here.


We all know funny examples of incorrect machine translations. The human has firmly remained the most important part of the translation process. Moreover, I hire no agents, so I personally give each text the attention it needs. You can rest assured that your order will be treated individually and diligently: the high quality you expect will not be lost along a complicated supply chain or within the busy office life.


My profession is more than a job with qualifications: language is simply my long-term passion. I have participated in domestic and international conferences, published scientific (linguistic) and specialized (equestrian) articles as well as gained teaching experience while working with students at my institute. 

Both of my university dissertations (the MA thesis and the PhD thesis) were devoted to specialized vocabulary: I examined equestrian terminology because it had been poorly described before and I decided that it deserved serious linguistic research. Your order will be handled with the same interest and professionalism.



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